Cinema Room

Apr 2, 2018

Our NEW grading cinema room is equipped with a BARCO projector and Digital Vision's Nucoda Filmmaster grading tools and panels. Feel free to come and visit and discuss about post production for cinema.


Jan 14, 2018

While having to raise his three children on his own, Inspector Sam Leroy joins Brussels' Cyber Crime Unit. Confronted with new codes, he must collaborate with Billie Vebber, a former hacker who covertly pursues objectives of her own. For behind each case of cyber criminality, first and foremost, lies a human story to be told.

A series directed by Indra Sierra (4 episodes), Roel Mondelears (3 episodes) and Hendrik Moonen (3 episodes). The series was shot by Sander Vandenbroucke.

PIXMIX studios handled the entire postproduction for this series. Editors on the job were Marc de Coster, Phillipe Ravoet and Steven Sanders. All UI design and animation was done inhouse. With over a 1000 vfx shots included we managed to set up a tight vfx pipeline that gave us the ability to be flexible during postproduction and even after grading. A must for this series.