We are a cheerful flock of people who love to create visually stunning images. Thinking from a creative point we always question the ordinary. Mediocrity is not an option. PIXMIX has been an expert in postproduction for many years now and we are proud to say we have worked for well known agencies and production companies alongside some of the most talented directors and producers.

Thanks to our experience and balls-on mentality we can offer our customers the very best for their audiovisual needs. Using all this creative energy combined with our in-house technical capabilities, we will make your brand shine.

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Maarten Verlinden and Patrick Schepers started as freelance editors in post production. As two close friends and very similar interests they decided to join forces and started PIXMIX post studio.

The company started to grow and one day an intern called Linus made us all proud by saying he would dedicate his life to PIXMIX. With an extra suite build in 2012 came a new partner formerly known as Joachim Veyfeyken. From this day on he’s our business development manager. Directing our growth and munching the numbers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even his dreams are filled with our numbers and client lists, instead of sheep.

In the years to come PIXMIX will keep on growing, keep visiting this page to discover who is who.

  • Maarten Verlinden

    Founder – Senior Editor - Post Production Supervisor

    I'm addicted to rollercoasters...speed, efficiency, thrills. Exactly the way I move through the post production universe!

  • Patrick Schepers

    Founder – Colorist – Post Production Producer

    I love life and all it's beauty! Give me light and I will shine, Give me colour and I will paint, Give me contrast and I will create!

  • Joachim Veyfeyken

    Managing Partner - Business Development Manager

    I would live in Ibiza... But I don't, I live at PIXMIX!

  • Linus Ampe

    Junior Editor - Post Production Assistent

    Helping others get theirs helps me get mine... Roundtrip to happiness!



Wet or Dryhire our cutting rooms. We offer a team of creative editors, both staff and freelance. This ensures that we will always have the right editor for you. Both on Avid or Final Cut. Short or long form, we follow your rhythm!


Servicing your production with the best VFX & 3D workflows is our passion. We love to break  it all down for you in pre-production and guide you on set to ensure a painless post production and delivery. Using After Effects and Nuke we cover the full range of creative tools needed to create amazing animation and compositing!

Colour Grading

Our grading suite is a world class Nucoda Film Master. Sure we could have gone cheaper down the line but we didn't! Conforming a VFX heavy commercial or a full lengt feature has never been easier! We can grade through mattes, we are calibrated using Cinespace, we have a comfy couch and we have a big screen. Feel free to bring your preferred colorist or take advantage of our in house weirdo!

Audio Postproduction

Sound is a highly important aspect of moving images. We find that sound is a speciality that stands entirely on it's own. We do the images and our preferred partners create the sound you need. When in need of voice over we can guide you through castings for any language or country.


After an intense creative collaboration you want to be sure that your project will be delivered painlessly in the highest quality to the right people in the right format. We do that every day using the DMAT system for TV commercials, DCP for Cinema, XDCAM HD for longer format tv. Blu ray authoring with extensive menu design. Digital Betacam for high quality SD broadcast or just plain and simple digital masters for web use and back up.


For credits please check our Vimeo page.


Finding us


Our HQ is located in Antwerp, just a one minute walk from Berchem railway station.

Contact details

Tel:+32 3 298 06 71
Cel: +32 498 56 07 89